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Anxiety is a natural aspect of life, particularly when you are faced with new challenges of life changes. Anxiety can manifest as a heightened heart rate, a knot in the stomach, or tension in the shoulders. While these sensations are normal, there are instances when anxiety becomes overwhelming impacting both your physical and emotional well being.

When anxiety starts hindering our ability to pursue our desires, manage life responsibilities, seeking support is a powerful step towards reclaiming control. I am committed to helping you explore the root causes of your anxiety and develop effective strategies for coping and healing.

The goal is to empower you to navigate tasks and enjoy life without the interference of overwhelming anxiety.

My holistic approach to anxiety treatment goes beyond traditional therapeutic methods. I consider lifestyle factors, mindfulness practices and coping mechanisms to create a well-rounded, comprehensive healing experience. 

Together we will try and understand the underlying causes of your anxiety, the learned patterns of thinking, unresolved trauma, and societal pressures that may make it harder to keep the anxiety at bay,

We will work together to help you learn new ways of thinking, replacing fear with resilience and uncertainty with a new found sense of control.

Take the first step towards a life free from the constraints of anxiety. Contact me today and let’s embark on a journey towards tranquility and resilience. 


Burnout and Stress

Feeling exhausted, lacking motivation, and struggling to face even the simplest of tasks.


The overwhelming fatigue you are experiencing may be the result of burnout - a gradual build-up of stress from life’s numerous responsibilities and challenges.

Often, in our pursuit of perfection we lose sight of the toll these pressures are taking on our mental and physical well-being.

It’s not uncommon to reach a point where even the most routine activities seem insurmountable. If this resonates with your current situation, let’s connect.

Together, we can work towards helping you reignite your zest and energy, focusing on rejuvenating your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I am here to assist you in shedding the weight of unrealistic expectations - the “shoulds” that dictate your life. We will work together to help you find a balance between your responsibilities to others and the crucial responsibilities you owe yourself.


Let's connect and embark on a journey to restore vitality and harmony to your life.



Are you feeling weighed down by the heavy fog of depression, making each day feel like an uphill battle? You are not alone and there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Depression is more than a passing sadness: it’s a challenge that affects every aspect of your life. I combine empathy, care and evidence based practices to tailor a treatment plan that suits your unique needs. I believe in addressing the root causes of depression to foster lasting transformation.

Through personalized therapeutic interventions, I will help you navigate your feelings of depression and rediscover a sense of purpose.

Together we will work to unravel the layers of depression, replacing despair with hope and joy.

My goal is to not only help you alleviate your symptoms but to equip you with the tools needed to maintain your emotional well-being in the long run. 

Contact me today for a free consultation and let's embark on a journey to a brighter, more fulfilling life.



Therapy can help you understand how past experiences are impacting your present functioning. We can work together to help you learn to rethink your past so it no longer defines your present leaving you free to develop a life of your choice.

I will provide you with a place where you can work through your emotions, understand the impact of your past on your present and help you learn new ways of thinking and behaving.

We are not defined by our past and have the right to write the present and future we desire.

Past life experiences impact our thinking, our actions and our beliefs. They can interfere with our ability to live the life we despite. Perhaps it is your relationships that are being impacted. Perhaps you are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed. Unsure of why you feel the way you do and unsure on how to make a change. 

It is possible to change our ways of being and create a new narrative for our lives. I will work with you on creating a new path by providing a safe, healing environment where you can process past experiences and create the narrative that will allow you to live a happy, peaceful life full of joy.

Trauma recovery is about more than just surviving, it’s about rediscovering strength and resilience. Through a combination of therapeutic interventions and personalized strategies, I will help you achieve a renewed sense of self, replacing the shadows of trauma with the light of empowerment.

Take the courageous step towards trauma recovery. Contact me today and let's embark on a journey towards renewed horizons and a life full of possibilities.


Life Transitions

Navigating life transitions can evoke a mix of excitement and apprehension. The anticipated milestones, such as a career change, graduation, marriage, relocation, or parenthood, may bring a sense of dread as you grapple with the unknown challenges ahead. While you've worked towards these goals, the upcoming changes might leave you struggling to let go of the present and wrestling with fears about the future.

I will provide a supportive space where you can openly explore these concerns. Whether you're wishing to savor the moment without the burden of anxiety or questioning your readiness for the challenges, counseling can make a significant difference.

Together, we'll work on developing skills to manage your apprehensions, fostering a sense of calm as you approach the next chapter. By focusing on your strengths, resilience, and abilities, therapy aims to empower you, instilling a feeling of control as you navigate the path you've set for yourself.

Embrace your transitions with confidence and find support in your journey toward a more fulfilling future.

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